Allowing people more opportunities to have social connections help to promote better mental and physical health for a person. Accessing programs to the community and support with daily living in a person’s home are all opportunities for people to ‘live life’, be part of their community, to feel valued and to be respected as an individual.

Building your mind and body are protective factors in assisting in lowering the effects of depression, as well as providing rehabilitation for people who may have had a brain injury or stroke.


To create and promote a home-like environment for the people we support. With integrity, respect, creativity and partnerships built on trust and collaboration, with a culture based on inclusion, where people can feel part of their community.

We have a passion and drive to build and create an environment where people can ‘live their life’. We have seen over many years the shortfalls in organisations that claim to ‘promote’ people’s rights and believe that we will establish a service where people we support not only have a comfortable environment, they also have a supportive culture that fosters growth, dreams and personal fulfilment through an inclusive, personalised and inspirational setting.

A Peek into our Aims

A lifestyle built on the persons wants as much as possible

Supports and strategies to enable independence, that is culturally accepting

An environment that allows for creativity and encourages it

Support designed around the wellness of each person, while keeping in mind that laughter can sometimes be the best medicine

Peoples ideas and suggestions taken seriously and people are able to get involved in the process in group or one on one meetings, formal and informal

A range of therapies are utilised and incorporated into our programs

Our Programs

Our Centre Based programs provide opportunities for people to develop and maintain social skills and has a range of activities. The current program operating in Logan Village, is facilitated by qualified Aged Support staff, and caters for seniors and people with disability. It allows and encourages people to join in with the group, have lots of laughs and have fun, in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. Within the near future our programs will expand to include Home Support services; domestic assistance, personal assistance, respite, access to the community, including shopping, going to appointments, transport and yard maintenance.

Up Coming Events

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‘to make a difference, be the difference’

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Our Services

Apart from our Centre Based programs, we are aiming to provide further opportunities for people to
get active in their communities. Planning is ongoing to seek funding and sponsorship to hold regular
art and music/drumming workshops, sensory computer programs and sporting events, to name a few.
With community support, along with the drive and passion of our staff, we will provide not only the
resources for our services, also the knowledge and security for the people we support, that they are
not alone and that they are a valued and important part of the community in which we all live.
‘To make a difference, be the difference’